Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, April 2 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, April 2

AMBER: I’m Amber McElrath reporting for NCC News. Here are the stories making the news today, April 2nd. A local barbershop is reopening its doors today after saying goodbye to its former home. ShoppingTown Barber Shop has moved to Manlius after spending 44 years in the ShoppingTown Mall. Owner Dino NiNatale says the mall left them no choice.

Dino DiNatale: The mall went downhill very quickly. They didn’t care to put anything back into it and when our lease ran out in January, we decided to move out.

AMBER: And Central New York is getting its first look at its new team this afternoon. Syracuse Mets media day will take place at NBT Bank Stadium and excitement is in the air. Michael Tricarico says more season tickets have been sold than last year.

Michael Tricarico: There’s been a whole lot of excitement. I met a whole lot of mets fans over the last couple weeks and last few months. I think the general consensus is it’s exciting to have a New York team here in Syracuse.

AMBER: And in other local sports news, Syracuse University point guard Tiana Mangakahia WILL be returning to the dome next year. Mangakahia decided to stay at S-U for her final year of eligibility instead of declaring for the 20-19 W-N-B-A draft. The junior says she has no second thoughts about her decision.

Tiana Mangakahia: I would have felt worse leaving and not making, then staying and really giving it my all for next year.

AMBER: It’s currently 44 degrees and overcast in Syracuse, with temperatures dropping to 33 degrees tonight. For NCC News, I’m Amber McElrath reporting. You can find full stories on our website, NCCNewsOnline.com

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