Web Extra: NCC News Podcast April 23 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast April 23

Tom Russo:
I’m Tom Russo reporting for N-C-C News, here are the stories making news today, April Twenty-third.
Our lead story, the community grid has become the favorite to replace I-81.
This means some businesses will need to move, Tobin’s Real Wood Furniture is one.
Production Manager Sean Gormen know the change won’t be easy.

Sean Gormen:
It’s hard to say, you know, there’s things that you look at with regards to this business and what you have with this location. Exposure, where can you relocate the business and have this kind of exposure.

April is National Donate Life Month, and here in Central New York the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network is working hard to spread the word.
Nancy Ryan, the group’s Director of Marketing and Community Relations, wants to dispel the myth that many possible donors are not healthy enough to sign up.

Nancy Ryan:
Most people assume they’re too old, they’re not healthy enough, and they just rule themselves out. In reality, no medical information is taken when you register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor.

Another facet of April is Earth Day, which was celebrated yesterday.
SUNY E-S-F Professor Ashley Felposh Parker notes how bringing the events local helps folks feel like they are making a difference.

Ashley Felposh Parker:
When we think about climate change it just seems so large and monstrous of an issue, but if there are things we can do locally, if I feel like I can contribute some small way, I can build off of that.


Finally, a quick check of the weather its 65 degrees in Syracuse, under Partly Cloudy skies. We should hit 77 degrees later today, but the rain will roll in this afternoon, though it should clear out overnight as we drop down into the mid-40s.
For N-C-C News, I’m Tom Russo reporting. You can find full stories on our website, N-C-CNews-Online-Dot-Com.

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