Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, August 10, 2021 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, August 10

Hi, I’m Shannon Imbornoni reporting for N-C-C News. Today is August 10th, 20-21 — and here are the latest stories.

The Syracuse Farmers Market is introducing monthly ethnic events to attract more visitors.
Market Manager, Chuck McFadden says the more people attend, the better it is for local farmers.

“Just to try to culture wise to try to get you know more again to just try and draw more people and uh and also uh you know the more diverse we can be the more diverse customer base we’re gonna grab as well.”

The market takes place every Tuesday in Clinton Square from eight to three.

June saw a record number of migrants at the southern boarder, and one local organization, Refugee Immigrant Self-Empowerment, or RISE, is prepared to help refugees come to Syracuse.
Communications and Community Engagement Manager, Jan-Juba Arway says RISE isn’t a one and done thing.

“It’s not just about bringing them here and dropping them off, it’s about supporting them throughout.”

In 20-19, RISE helped over one-thousand immigrants in their transition from their home country, to the United States.

EnMotion Amputee Support Group is expanding their outreach by working with a group of students at the A-T-and-T Hand in Hand Program.
Quad amputee and president of the group, Ken Sieperman (SEE-purr-men) says encouraging kids to go into prosthetic creation as a service to amputees is important to the group.

“I can share my experience with these students who are actually pursuing a technical project, but educate them in the fact that the technical project can actually improve somebody’s quality of life.”

It’s going to be a hot one out there today. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for our area until seven tonight. The heat will continue on into the end of the week.
For N-C-C News, I’m Shannon Imbornoni reporting. You can find full stories on our website, N-C-C-News-dot-online-DOT-com.

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