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Krystin Lilly: It’s Wednesday August second, I’m Krystin Lilly reporting for NCC News. Here are the stories making news today.
With the Micron chip factory coming to Syracuse, Lakeshore Country Club owner, Guy Hart Junior says he plans to use this new technology to improve efficiency on the harbor.

Guy Hart Junior: What we’re going to be focused on is the lakefront, hopefully, a new public pier with a harbor on the lake that will be able to track boats.

Krystin Lilly: The Lakeshore village project plans to break ground in 2024. Central New York Regional Transportation Authority is experiencing a bus shortage. Vice President of Communications and Business Planning, Steve Koegel talks about the cause of this issue.

Steve Koegel: We are still struggling with a manpower issue, we have a limited number of bus operators right now. We’re still not at 100% of our Syracuse regular fixed routes service that we operate day to day.

Krystin Lilly: In preparation for the New York State Fair, Centro has hired more drivers and plans on doing another round of hiring.

Steve Koegel: Once the fair ends, we’ll get back into the full-blown advertising, getting people here, and trying to build our ranks again.

Krystin Lilly: Good Morning Syracuse Club uses Zoom to continue their mission to develop personal skills. Club member, Julie Murad-Caruso says using zoom has benefited her personal growth.

Julie Murad-Caruso: I thought what a perfect way to be able to practice my online speaking and my regular speaking.

Krystin Lilly: The club meets every Wednesday from eight to nine in the morning. Mostly sunny today, with a high near 78…Partly cloudy tonight, with a low around 64. For NCC News, I’m Krystin Lilly. You can find full stories on our website, NCC News Online dot com.

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