Web Extra: NCC News Podcast August 4 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast August 4

Listen for the latest news in Central New York on the morning of August 4

MICHAEL GROSS: I’m Michael Gross reporting for N-C-C News. Here are the stories making news today, August 4th. With the heat index up to triple-digits many in Central New York are trying to stay cool. Local musician, Pat Tato says his plan to beat the heat is very simple.

PAUL TATO: I was gonna test it out and saw that 10:00 was going to be the hottest and it’s going to stay this way all day. We’ve been sitting in front of a fan all day quite honestly.

GROSS: Another way to stay cool is going to the Everson Museum of Art in downtown Syracuse. The current exhibit features Syracuse Graduate Achala Wali called surface densities. Wali says her way of interacting with the world is through her work.

ACHALA WALI: I really do engage with the surface of the paper, and they’re very complicated and obsessive kind of lines. To me that was, color, line, everything coming together to explore- exploration.

GROSS: And finally, FOX-Fest is happening tomorrow, August 5th, in Syracuse. In its 14th annual running, founder George Ryan says there is a variety of music being played this year.

GEORGE RYAN: This is the first year we’ve done a National Act, a lot of people wanted to see some changes, so we tried that. We have a mixture of country, rock, jazz, a little bit of everything.

GROSS: With the weather being so hot, there is a chance of rain tonight and every day for the next week to end the drought. Stay cool and stay hydrated. For N-C-C News, I’m Michael Gross reporting. YOU CAN FIND FULL STORIES ON OUR WEBSITE, N-C-C-News-dot-Online-DOT-COM.

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