Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, February 7 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, February 7

WALKER LAVANCHA: Good afternoon and welcome to NCC News Online. I’m Walker LaVancha.

ANNABELLA LEUZZE: And I’m Annabella Leuzze. It’s 40 degrees and sunny here in Syracuse today. Stay tuned for today and tomorrow’s forecasts with our weatherman at the end of the podcast– We might have some warmer weather coming our way!

WALKER LAVANCHA: Our top story this afternoon, more issues over lead in Central New York. Three sinks at an elementary school in Mattydale have tested positive for lead, and a Syracuse landlord has been selling off his properties after 16 children suffered lead poisoning from those houses. Reporter Gabriel Glynn-Habron is speaking to locals affected by lead poisoning later today, so keep watch for updates on NCC News online as the story progresses.

ANNABELLA LEUZZE: The new Carmelo Anthony Collection just dropped today… Dominic… you checked out the collection at the SU bookstore, what’d you think?

DOMINIC CHIAPPONE: Definitely a lot of good merch, for sure. Stuff is available both on the bookstore as well as on the website. This is a collaboration between an organization Carmelo Anthony is working with and with Syracuse University. So, a lot of exciting merchandise, a lot of throwback stuff especially, so I definitely recommend checking that out for sure– especially if you’re an SU student on campus.

ANNABELLA LEUZZE: Awesome! Thanks, Dom.

WALKER LAVANCHA: Our reporter Sophia Maciejewski has the latest on sports. Sophia?

SOPHIA MACIEJEWSKI: The major story coming out of sports today is Benny Williams’ dismissal from the SU basketball team. SU said they wish him the best but aren’t saying what caused the dismissal. His dismissal comes after a 3-game suspension during this season and fans are speculating it has to do with his attitude and Coach Autry’s disapproval of the team against Wake Forest earlier this week. Find out more at NCC News.

WALKER LAVANCHA: Thanks, Sophia. Blood donations are at a 20 year low causing an emergency blood shortage. The American Red Cross is offering 20 dollar amazon gift cards to anyone who donates blood this month. Vanessa D’Angelo will be visiting and reporting on blood drives in the community this afternoon, so check back for updates on NCC News Online as the day progresses.

ANNABELLA LEUZZE: February marks the start of Black History Month, and one of our reporters spoke to two Black business owners in Syracuse. One of them was Vincent St. James, the founder and owner of Creative Roots, an entertainment company with plans for expansion and growth. The second Black entrepreneur interviewed has even created custom goods for celebrities, but you’ll have to read the full story on NCC News Online later to find out who. Now, as promised we have our weatherman Tyler Schiff here with the upcoming forecasts.

TYLER SCHIFF: Annabella, right now it’s looking to be about 40 degrees but that will drop to about 25. Nothing too windy with only six mile per hour winds but still a pretty big drop regardless. Thursday, it’s going to be about 54 degrees, very dry, but the sun does peek out a little.

WALKER LAVANCHA: That’s it for us here for NCC News Online. For the latest on these stories and more, check out our website at NCC News Online dot com. Thank you, and see you next week!

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