Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, Fri., May 31 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, Fri., May 31

Listen for the latest news update from NCC News on Friday, May 31

Naiya & Erron: I’m Naiya Brooks and I’m Erron Franklin reporting for NCC News. Here are the stories making news today, Friday, May 31st.

Naiya: Today students from Syracuse City Schools gathered at OCC for the State of the youth rally. The event was hosted by Senator Rachel May.

Rachel May: Part of the point of this and the people that we had up here at the panel were people who have lived the experience of kids that are here or the youth that are here…that they went to these schools.

Erron: Blink Fitness and popular grocery chain, Wegmans have teamed up to promote healthy eating and healthy living. Blink Fitness’ Club Manager Ahmazjah says this area is the ideal location.

Amazjah Grant: When we do have like special events we always have Wegmans in here and they promote the healthy eating and healthy living and I think that it pairs well together.

Naiya: And in sports today…the number 32, worn by the controversial former athlete OJ Simpson will now be worn by running back, Senorise Perry.

Erron: One Syracuse resident says she supports the idea of Perry wearing number 32.

Becka Gutierrez: I think anybody can wear the number 32 if they like, it would represent the number and the Bills organization better than OJ did.

Naiya&Erron: For NCC News, I’m Naiya Brooks and I’m Erron Franklin reporting. You can find full stories on our website, NCCNewsOnline.com.

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