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I’m Casey Buscher reporting for NCC News.

Here are the stories making news today on June 3rd.

The controversial video that was released by Facebook user Tommy Gunz.

showing a Syracuse Police Officer forcibly removing someone from the driver’s seat of a car has been shared on social media over 300,000 times.

In the video, the officer pins the man on the ground while two other officers start detaining the man.

A member of the city council held a presser earlier today saying they will evaluate the situation once they have established the facts surrounding the incident.

And Lake Ontario’s water level has already reached nearly 250 feet matching the peak of the 2017 floods.

But you may not realize nearly 1 million New Yorkers get their drinking water from Lake Ontario. Years of pollution have compromised this pivotal body of water.

The coordinator for community art at SUNY Oswego Amy Bartell speaks about the importance Lake Ontario plays in its surrounding communities.

Amy Bartell:
“It’s a source of commerce, it’s a source of transportation. It is vital to the integrity and the sustenance of the community.”

And Axe throwing is making its a way to Central New York. A sport well known in Canada, is now in the States too.

Only open for three months, Bad Axe in Central New York has been a popular place to go

Axe Master:
“It’s pretty much just muscle memory. Once you get used to it, it just gets easier and easier.

That will do it for our news update for today…

For NCC News, I’m Casey Buscher reporting

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