Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, November 15 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, November 15

Adam Thomson: I’m Adam Thomson reporting for N-C-C News. Here are the stories making news today, Tuesday November 15. The Syracuse University men’s soccer team is getting ready for their next big game after their win over six seed Clemson. With the potential of winning a national championship on the horizon, S-U men’s soccer manager Pedro de Paulo believes this seasons team is different than previous years.

de Paulo: “The feeling around the team right now is that this is definitely very special I think if you ask every player this is the most connected team they have ever been a part of”

Thomson:: Lights on the Lake is back in Syracuse at Onondaga Lake Park. This is one of the longest holiday traditions in Central New York and with the kickoff comes new light displays. Event organizer Zach Fenner (FENN-ur) believes the more new displays the better.

Fenner: “There’s a new reason to come every single year, and people do come year after year just to look at the same thing. It’s exciting when they get excited about new things”

Thomson: With the return of the cold weather to Central New York, retailers are gearing up for the cold by stocking the shelves with winter clothing. However despite the cold temperatures, Dicks Sporting Goods manager Jacob Wood says that because people aren’t buying, there is too much winter clothing in stock. This branch of dicks is now looking for solutions because this is a problem they haven’t faced before.

Wood: “We’re running out of ideas on how to stock our merchandise”

Thomson:Cold temperatures will carry through to the evening with high chances of snow later tonight. For NCC News I’m Adam Thomson reporting. You can find full stories on NCCnewsonline.com

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