Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, October 15 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, October 15

Reporter: I’m Mackenzie Pearce reporting for NCC News, here the stories making news today, October 15. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and American Cancer Society communications director Amy Delia talks about preventative measures men and women can take to lower their risk of getting the disease.

Amy Delia: It’s really important for women to know their body know their family history know what screenings are right for them to have that conversation with their doctor. The men really should be aware of their bodies as well. And any changes anything that seems abnormal or different definitely talk to their doctor.

Reporter: Mayor Walsh is considering changing Columbus Day to indigenous peoples day, members of the Kahnawake nation explain why this is an important change.

Tehosterihens Deer: It’s a traumatic day for the past hundreds of years it’s been Columbus Day. It’s a day that was celebrating genocide and on our point of view, it’s really sad to see that that’s how it’s viewed.

Reporter: ESF has a serious cow tipping problem as a mounted musk ox was knocked over in a recent act of vandalism upsetting students.

Lucas Fischer: It’s really upsetting someone would just blatantly disrespect it like that.

Reporter: The weather in Syracuse is looking good this Tuesday with a high of 61 and sunny skies. For NCC News. I’m Mackenzie Pierce. You can find full stories on our website, NCC News online dot com.

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