Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, October 18 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, October 18

Audrey Glynn: I’m Audrey Glynn reporting for N-C-C News. Here are the stories making news this morning, October, 18th.

The Baldwinsville Board of Education is continuing their investigation on the superintendent, Joseph D Thomson. Thomson was charged with driving while intoxicated after the high school homecoming game.

Jennifer Patruno: We do not take lightly what has occurred and we will continue to keep the community informed while decisions are made regarding this matter. We ask for you patience as we continue this investigation and follow all investigation laws and the contractual agreement includes standard language for superintendents.

Glynn: Thomson is currently on paid administrative leave.

The federal application for student debt loan forgiveness is now live. But Syracuse University sophomore Justin Kumiega says it’s not enough.

Justin Kumiega: For someone who’s paying 50,000 dollars and looking at six figures of debt after college, 10,000 dollars is only like some change in the bucket for me.

Glynn: The Biden administration says those applying before mid-November should receive debt cancellations before January 1st.

Two new COVID-19 variants are causing concern this fall. Onondaga County Health Department Medical Director Dr. James Alexander says the variants are rising in numbers in the state.

Dr. James Alexander: <"BQ1 and BQ1.1 are now accounting for about 10 percent of disease, it's estimated that in New York it may be upwards of 20 percent.

Glynn: Doctor Alexander says the county has little information on the viral types.

A chilly day in Syracuse, with mostly sunny skies and a high near 52 degrees. Tonight, a low around 36 degrees and some frost.

For NCC News, I’m Audrey Glynn reporting. You can find full stories on our website, NCCNews.online.com.

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