Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, October 25 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, October 25

Audrey Glynn: I’m Audrey Glynn reporting for NCC News. Here are the stories making news today, October, 25.

Clay residents have mixed reviews on Micron’s future facility after a Clay town hall last night. Resident Chuck Swartfager believes traffic is a problem.

Chuck Swartfager: We’re all aware that there’s traffic congestion on the route 31, route 11 corridor. It’s been a problem for over 20 years, and the state has ignored it. It’s just going to get worse.

Glynn: Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon held the town hall with Micron officials.

Central New York breweries are struggling through a national carbon dioxide shortage. Seneca Street Brew Pub manager Heidi Menikeim faced closures due to the shortage, but now, she’s doing her best to adapt.

Heidi Menikeim: We had a number of kegs spoil. We have backups just incase.

Glynn: Supply chain officials say the shortage should end in the next year.

Syracuse University students are expressing concerns about not having a fall break. S-U sophomore Jonah Weintraub knows the stress of his schedule and midterm exams are overwhelming.

Jonah Weintraub: It’s strenuous on our schedules to have this much time consistently having five day weeks back, to back, to back, to back, for the entire semester.

Glynn: Students request this midterm fall break in addition to Thanksgiving break, not as a replacement.

A warmer day in Syracuse with a high of 73 degrees and mostly cloudy conditions.

For NCC News, I’m Audrey Glynn reporting. You can find full stories on our website, NCCNews.online.

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