Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, Thurs., June 20 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast

Reporter: Thank you for joining us on the NCC News Podcast, I’m Alexandria Bennett. And I’m Keanu Haghighi. Today is Thursday, June 20th, 2019.

Reporter: Our top story of the day, the downtown committee is announcing millions of dollars to invest in downtown Syracuse. Our Fernando Garcia-Franceschini is going to the OnCenter this afternoon to get a preview of the projects coming to the area in the next year.

Reporter: The rain is pouring and has potential to cause some flooding around Central New York.
Find out how much we’ll be getting and what areas you may need to avoid in your commute today. And a new report says climate change has been affecting the region for decades.

Kylan Watson: “Skaneateles Lake is getting warmer according to a study by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The report says the lake has gotten warmer over the past 40 years.”

Reporter: Ballpark Beer Fest is back tomorrow night. It’ll be at NBT Bank Stadium and feature beers that are hard to find around Central New York. Syracuse Mets Assistant General Manager Clint Cure says the goal is to make it more of a family friendly event.

Clint Cure: “We just want people to view us as a safe, fun, affordable place to bring their family. Whether that’s a baseball game, a festival or a show.”

Reporter: In national news, get an update on the David Ortiz shooting, and find out the latest in politics on what Corey Booker said about Joe Biden’s controversial remarks.

Reporter: Tensions are rising between the United States and Iran. Our anchor Ashtyn Hiron has more details to share.

Ashtyn Hiron:

Reporter: That’s going to do it for today’s N-C-C News update. I’m Alexandria Bennett.

Reporter: And I’m Keanu Haghighi. You can find full stories on our website, NCCNewsOnline.com.

NCC’s Fernando Garcia-Franceschini attended the Downtown Committee of Syracuse annual meeting where they announced investing millions of dollars toward various projects in the area. Heavy rain is hitting Central New York and has the potential to cause some flooding, but does that relate to a new study that was released about climate change in the region? In national news, we have an update on the David Ortiz shooting and why tensions are rising between the United States and Iran.

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