Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, Thurs., May 30 Web Extra: NCC News Podcast, Thurs., May 30

I’m Abigail Fridmann reporting for N-C-C news. Here are the stories making news today, May 30th.

A study done by the journal of nutrition suggests skipping breakfast before working out can help you lose weight. But trainers in the Ventral New York area say that really shouldn’t be a permanent solution.

“You may continue to lose weight, but you’re also going to lose stamina, strength. So I think it’s more goal oriented and I see it as a short term fix, but I’d be concerned about that over time.”

And while Shoppingtown mall may look empty from the outside, inside it’s bustling with activity. Folks of all ages are going to the seemingly desolate building to exercise.

“It’s a nice place to walk, and a lot of people say ‘I’m not pressured into buying anything because there’s nothing here’ *laughs*”

But walking is just one of many activities at Shoppingtown mall. You can also find a cross fit gym, and a skate park nestled between the empty stores.

And lets take a quick look at the weather for today, N-C-C’s Michelle Houston has the forecast for the rest of the day.

“Hi, it’s Michelle, you can expect some rain showers and thunder storms later on today.

Alright thanks Michelle, that’s gonna do it for our news update for today. For n-c-c news, I’m Abigail Fridmann reporting. You can find full stories on your website,N-C-C News online.com

A new weight loss study might sound appealing, but trainers in the CNY area say it’s not the safest idea. And while Shoppingtown mall may seem empty, it’s actually pretty busy-but not with shoppers. These stories and your forecast on NCC News.

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