Web Extra: NCC Podcast, June 13, 2019 Web Extra: NCC Podcast, June 13th 2019

Good Afternoon Central New York I’m Kylan Watson.
and I’m Fernando Garcia-Franceschini, reporting for NCC News.
Here’s what’s making news on Thursday, June 13th 2019.
Kylan Watson:
Parking rates are increasing by two dollars per hour this fall. City officials say the rate is being hiked to make-up for a budget shortfall of 6-thousand dollars.
Local residents are not pleased…
Common Councilor Tim Rudd:
“Honestly this an alternative to raising property taxes.”
Fernando: The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising is coming up.
A movement that changed the course of LGBTQ rights in America.
“Because of Stonewall I am able to envision and live a future and to not have to question about being who I am.”
Fernando: local residents hope that the anniversary starts meaningful conversations.
Kylan: And the St. Louis Blues won their first Stanley cup in team history yesterday.
Former member of the Buffalo Sabres and playoff MVP Ryan O’Reilly said it’s a family affair.
Ryan O’Reilly:
“I want to thank them for the hours and the money that they put in.”
Our Ray Hernandez will be following sports throughout the day.
Fernando: It’s going to be a rainy one in Syracuse! Expect rain for the majority of the day and going into tomorrow. Temperatures will be in the lower 60s with winds of up to 10 miles per hour.
Kylan: That’s your NCC News Update. I’m Kylan Watson.
Fernando: And I’m Fernando Garcia-Franceschini. Visit nccnewsonline for more stories and weather.

Here’s  what’s happening in the news today in Syracuse:

Parking rates are going up in Syracuse.

It is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and the Syracuse LGBTQ community hopes it can spark conversations.

Rain is in the forecast, prepare for a wet next three days.

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