Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Tues., June 4 Web Extra: NCC Podcast, Tues., June 4

Ashtyn: It’s a chilly spring day here in central New York. Good afternoon I’m Ashtyn Hiron

Kendra: and I’m Kendra Sheehan reporting for N-C-C News. Here’s what’s making news for Tuesday June fourth.

Ashtyn: There’s a new bishop in town. Pope Francis appointed Douglas John Lucia to be the eleventh bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Syracuse. He says it was unexpected.

“Comes as a total surprise to me I had no clue what so ever that my life was going to change so dramatically”

Ashtyn: He will be ordained at the cathedral of Immaculate Conception downtown. That date is to be determined.

Kendra: Golfers braved the winds and teed off for a cause yesterday, for the 32nd consecutive year, fundraising for the make a wish foundation

“A young man’s face just light up when he found out that he was going to the NCAA tournament and I got to see the impact that it had on his family”

Ashtyn:Advocates gathered to change the stigma around addiction– especially opioid and heroine addictions, overdose prevention coordinator Kevin Donavon says addiction treatment should be like any other

“We want to do everything we can to make addiction, addiction disorders just like any other disease.”

Ashtyn: Heal Onondaga County are working together with effected families and community members to provide the correct resources and information

Kendra:You’re probably wondering why it still feels like a mild winter outside. That’ll do it for today’s update for NCC News I’m Kendra Sheehan

Ashtyn: And I’m Ashtyn Hiron you can find full stories and weather on our website.. NCC news online dot com

A new bishop has been appointed to the Roman Catholic diocese of Syracuse. And golfers teed off yesterday supporting the Make a Wish Foundation. These stories and your weather forecast on NCC News.

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