Wedding Venues Are Ready to Resume ‘I Do’ in CNY Wedding Venues Are Ready to Open in CNY

Larger Gatherings are Expected to be Allowed to Restart in Phase Four.

SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) —  Phase Four is expected to begin tomorrow in Central New York.  It is the final stage of reopening and it includes businesses that fall under the arts, entertainment and education category.

It’s unclear whether wedding venues fall under the entertainment category, but they will be subject to the increased limit on public gatherings of 50 people.

Kevin Somalis, the owner of Sky Armory in Downtown Syracuse is eager for the clearance to reopen because his clients have to plan in advance.

“When you’re planning your wedding you need about a 60-90 day window between when you have the assurance that you can have it because you gotta think about invitations, your relatives are flying in, you’re booking hotel rooms, so you need a big chunk of time,” Somalis said.

Somalis have had a total of four weddings canceled and the others pushed back to the fall and next year. He said although he is lucky that he had a few cancellations, he can never get those booked wedding dates back.

“If you had an event in April and you postpone it to April 2021, you’re really canceling the event and booking a new event. So that’s loss business, cause I can’t do a second event next April. It’s only so many dates in the year,” Somalis said. 

Somalis said that he was expecting a 40 percent growth in the bookings of weddings since last year. Now, due to the pandemic, he says that it is no longer the case.

“This year is probably going end with the rebooking about the same as last year,” Somalis said.

Sky Armory has lost a total of $400,000 in sales and revenue due to the coronavirus. Somalis said the only way the business was able to survive was due to funding from the Payment Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).




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