Why are Dogs in the Library? Dogs in the Library

Syracuse, NY (NCC News) – Bentley is a 9 year old poodle mix who came to visit Bird Library at Syracuse University today. The reason for his visit, exams?

NPR posted an article in August showing that studies show that interaction with our four legged friends is good for our health. Now why did Bentley visit Bird Library today Final exams are this week and next week. SU wants their students to do their best, so they try to help out as best as they can.

Bentley has earned his CGC or Canine Good Citizen test which allows him to be used as a therapy dog. He has to pass exams once a year to maintain this title. His owner, Mimi Sullivan, says that Bentley loves meeting new people and he will continue to do what he does for as long as he can.

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