Wide Tires Makes Biking in CNY Winter Weather Possible Wide Tires Make Biking in the Snow Possible

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- If you have a bike and are worried about your tires not gripping to the ground this winter, Syracuse Bicycle shop might have the answer for you.

Syracuse Bicycle sells wide tires, which are made specifically for snowy conditions. Wide tires are softer than the average bike tire. This pressure allows them to grip slippery, wet surfaces.

Zak Field, a sales manager at Syracuse Bicycle, says using wide tires in the winter comes down to one thing, safety.

“When they ride on the roads with cars they have much more traction available so they are not swerving all over the road,” Field said.

According to Field, if you are a road commuter in the snow, you really do not have much of a choice other than getting a fat tire bike. The average cost for a set of wide tires is $150.

Greg Loh, the Chief Policy Adviser for the City of Syracuse, says being prepared for the weather is important for city transportation.

“Cyclists need to be skilled at how to manage bikes in snowy weather and should have the right equipment on their bicycles,” Loh said.

According to Loh, ensuring the safety of bikers in the snow is a two way responsibility.

“Part of that is the responsibility for drivers and for the city to make sure the roads are clear but it’s also for our cyclists to take every precautions when they are out on the roads in snowy weather,” Loh said.


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