World Cup Qualifiers Are Deeper Than Soccer Climate of International Soccer

Former Syracuse University soccer players weigh in on the World Cup qualifiers

Tony Shaw
The 2022 world cup qualifiers are in full effect. Many countries have been playing well in comparison to the past. In Europe, Northern Macedonia defeated Italy who won the 2021 Euro Cup. In CONCACAF, United States and Canada are at the top of the standings. All three of these countries did not qualify for the previous World Cup in 2018.These performances are more than just soccer to the fans and players. Passion is at an all time high during international play. Deandre Kerr, pro soccer player at Toronto FC, has this to say.

Deandre Kerr
“As much you love playing for your club, nothing beats the feeling of representing your country.”

Tony Shaw
Noah Singelmann is a German soccer player who is a really big supporter of the German national team. His father was born the year Germany won their first world cup.

Noah Singelmann
“I am following the German team since I can think. Remember every score since like 2004. Probably in 2002 when I think back about that tough loss against Brazil in the Final in 2002.”

Tony Shaw
Tony Shaw for NCC News.

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) – International soccer is underway and it is drawing out plenty of emotions throughout the soccer world.  World Cup Qualifiers are in full effect  in preparation for the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This year’s World Cup will take place this winter instead of the usual summer for the first time ever.  The reason behind this was because of the high temperatures in Qatar during the summer. This has created some controversy among some soccer supporters. 

Toronto FC and former Syracuse University soccer player, Deandre Kerr, said that he was shocked when FIFA announced that the 2022 World Cup would take place over this year’s winter months. 

SU soccer team captain and German citizen, Noah Singelmann, said that he wishes the tournament was held in a different location and he is not happy that the tournament will be held in Qatar. “I don”t think that it is a good decision,” Singelmann said. He prefers to watch the World Cup in the summer he said.

The time and location are not the only things that are being talked about by soccer supporters and players. Patriotism is high during international play, with that, many supporters have strong emotional connections to their countries teams. 

Singelmann is a huge German national team supporter. He said that he can remember every score of each game Germany has played since the 2002 World Cup final when Germany lost to Brazil. The passion for soccer is also high for the players.

“As much as you love playing for your club, nothing beats the feeling of representing your country,” Kerr said. 


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