YMCA Women’s Center Set To Host Mental Health Support Group For Mothers YMCA Women's Center Set To Host Mental Health Support Group For Mothers

YMCA is set to hold "Mothering and Mental Health" support group.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — A local organization is preparing to host a support group for mothers living in the Syracuse area.

Starting this coming Wednesday, the YMCA Northside Women’s Wellness Center of Syracuse will host “Mothering and Mental Health”, a new program set to cover various topics on the minds of mothers. The group is meant to allow mothers to bond over certain issues that they deal with daily.

YMCA Northside Women’s Wellness Center Program Director Kendra Brown mentioned that the overall goal of the support group is rooted from their mission.

“We wanted a safe place for the women to go, specifically for them to focus on their mental health without a safe place,” Brown said. “So, that’s how we originated, and the first place was the idea of mental health for women.”

The YMCA Northside Women’s Wellness Center has partnered with St. Joseph’s Hospital and The Vineyard Church for the duration of the program. Both are set to help provide experts on certain topics being covered by the support group.

“Also, moms from The Vineyard that come over here on Wednesday and then we have St. Joe’s coming to explain co-parenting,” Brown said. “Next month there will be another subject about breastfeeding, or whatever it is the moms want to talk about.”

It is no surprise that most of the news stories published today focus on today’s youth and the future of society. So, when Northside Women’s Wellness Center established “Mother and Mental Health”, YMCA employee Larissa Tyler stated that it could not have come at a better time.

“I’m not sure why it’s starting now, maybe just because more people are talking about it and they feel a little bit more safe to do that,” Tyler said. “I’m glad that’s something that people, it’s to the forefront now and it’s talked about.”

“Mothering and Mental Health” will be held at The YMCA Northside Women’s Wellness Center every third Wednesday of the month starting tomorrow from 5 to 7 p.m.


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