A Brewery Owner Explains How an IPA Beer is Brought to Life A Brewery Owner Explains How an IPA Beer is Brought to Life

Local Breweries tend to be the heart beats of a community.


Independent locally own businesses are often the heart beat of a community.

For breweries it is a place people go to relax and enjoy a drink, but have you ever wondered what does in to making a beer?

Our N-C-C’s Sydney Supple spent time at one local. brewery finding the answers.


Owning a small business is no easy task and usually comes with the role of having to wear multiple hats.


“Got to make the beer, go to bartender, cook…”

Voice Over:

Just ask Timothy Shore.


“Yeah…it is a lot.”


For six years Shore has been punching a canning machine.

His days often start as the sun rise because to put beer on table can take up to three weeks and there is no time to waste when every can counts.

There are so many types of beer it deserved its own table but for Buried Acorn they’re known for their IPAs.

IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale a true labor of love.

You have to start with an idea, a creation you want to bring to life within your beer.


“My favorite part about it is the actual brew day,


Which is only one day.


“I like standing over the kettle making beer.”


That one day is what gets him through the 10 days of fermentation to follow and then another week of cold conditioning before canning sending or pouring out the beer.

Next time you go to a bar. Appreciate every sip because of the work that is done behind the scenes.


“To do something you love and turn it into a source of income for your family, makes it tough. It turns it into a business instead of a passion project.”


N-C-C News, Sydney Supple.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — There are more than 440 licensed breweries in the state of New York. One of those being Buried Acorn who refers themselves as the “neighborhood brewery.” With this beloved title also comes a heavy load to carry.

The man who is carrying all the weight is Timothy Shore.

“I keep the lights on by making the beer, packaging the beer, and bartending and cooking when my wife goes to pick up the kids,” said Shore.

For six years Shore has done this six days a week from sun up to sun down. While many people love drinking Indian Pale Ales not many understand the history of beer and the process of making it.

When creating a new beer the process takes up to three weeks. Buried Acorn tends to be a brewery who specializes in IPAs.

The name was created in the late 1700s when the exporters of beer from British Isles to India would add hops to their brews to help preserve the beer in hotter, more tropical climates.

In todays time the process looks similar but a bit different.

“After I come up with a new beer idea, graphic and recipe it takes on day to brew and two weeks to go into fermentation,” said Shore.

Once a brewery establishes their next idea, it comes down to the brewers to create a new recipe that’ll match the flavor profile they are trying to showcase. They will test out new flavors on a smaller scale before making the beer in batches large enough to distribute and serve at all of their breweries.

The first step in the process of brewing is fermentation, whitch is when you place the brew pot in an ice bath until it cools to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During those two weeks the beer must be put in a dark place that is airlock so nothing can get it.

After the beer has been cooled off long enough, begins the bottling process. While most breweries have a machine operating bottle system that does most of the work, there is still plenty of hands on work that goes into every bottle being canned.

Next time you drink a beer whether it is at Buried Acorn or another brewery appreciate the work that went in to making it.



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