A Gift Shop Hosts Second Annual Candy Giveaway A Gift Shop Hosts Second Annual Candy Giveaway

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)  — Community outreach is the at the core of Syracuse based customized gift shop Your Creations. The business owners, and cousins, Shaeeda Scott and Bahiyyah Muhammad said that community service has always been important to them.

“Oh no we’ve always had a passion for doing that,” said Muhammad. “We’ve been doing that since we were at home.”

A passion they both developed working in health care.

“I’ve been a nurse for 20 years. I worked at various nursing homes,” said Scott. “I’ve worked in corrections and different places like that. So you see the need.”

“I worked in the nursing home as well as an aid for 18 years,” said Muhammad. “So, I’ve always been in the middle of doing community service. Helping others, that’s what I enjoy doing. Taking care of the elderly and serving others as well.”

In an effort to give back to their community,  Scott and Muhammad will host their second annual Halloween candy giveaway.  The event that is open to everyone. 

“We have almost 200 bags here that we made into a ladies night,” said Scott. We packed all the bags. They’re all ready set go. Everything is free for the kids. We’ll have a ghost outside, we’ll have snacks for adults too and that’s our way of giving back to the kids.”

An event that Your Creations customer Sharon Mosley said she wouldn’t miss.

“I’m brining my son so he can get his bag,” said Mosley. “I’m gonna get my adult bag too. I’m gonna get my snacks. She knows how I am.”

While Mosley is excited to have a safe space to enjoy her family and friends, she knows the purpose goes far beyond that.

Some kids even in schools when she goes, some kids parents don’t have the means to give them certain things,” said Mosley. “So, these giveaways are very important so the kids can feel normal like other children and they can feel special.”

The Halloween candy giveaway is Saturday, Oct. 30 at 1 p.m. This will be the kick off community outreach event for Your Creations this holiday season.


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