Andrew Giuliani Visits Syracuse on Gubernatorial Campaign Andrew Giuliani Visits Syracuse on Gubernatorial Campaign

GOP candidate for governor is on an Upstate New York tour.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Andrew Giuliani, the second-leading candidate in the Republican gubernatorial race for New York governor, stopped by the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse Wednesday morning speaking about his policies for the position.

Giuliani began his press conference with remarks on the high rates of crime in both Rochester and Syracuse, and his plans to reinforce and support local police.

“We need to make sure to end this war on our police,” Giuliani said. “And on day one of a Giuliani administration, I will start taking the steps necessary to make sure that those aren’t just empty words, but are actions that end up happening.”

He next moved to education, and reiterated his support for history to be focused on the greatness of America, not on divisive issues.

“I think it’s very important that America, that American students and New York students learn a full history of America,” Giuliani said. “That means the good, it also means the bad, but it means the incredible as well.”

Giuliani wrapped up his presser speaking about the state of New York, and how his “outsider” status in Washington and the political establishment stems from his connections to both his father, Rudy Giuliani, and former President Donald Trump.

“I’ve had many New Yorkers that have come up to me, many Americans that love New York, that have said that they believe that New York’s best days are behind it,” Giuliani said. “I’m here to say that New York’s greatest chapters are still to be written.”

Giuliani trails Rep. Lee Zeldin by two points in the latest gubernatorial polls. Primary day is June 28.

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