April Snow and Rain Showers May Lead to Sunny May Flowers April snow and rain showers may lead to May flowers

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) –   Weather this week is expected to start off with some rain and snow showers then turn around to sunny days.

Thursday:  Rain and snow showers are likely to be seen through the night and up until 4 a.m.  Any new snow accumulation will be less than half an inch.  Temperatures for the day will be a high of 38 °F and a low of °F.  Cloudy skies will be present until the end of the weekend.

Friday:  Expect rain and show showers before 11 a.m. with a 90% precipitation. Temperatures for the day will be a high of 40 °F and a low of 34 °F.  Into the evening the chance of precipitation is expected to fall to 60% with Northeast winds around 10mph.

Saturday: Look out for possible snow showers before 9 a.m., then a chance of rain and snow showers through the evening.  Through the day expect cloudy conditions with a high of 45 °F and a low of 34 °F.  Expect northwest wind to be from 11 to 16mph.

Sunday:  Expect mostly sunny skies with high of 52 °F and a low of 32 °F.


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