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This is your NCC News Brief. It’s September 16th, I’m Luc Sigaud. Governor Cuomo is directing the state health commissioner to recommend a ban on flavored e cigarettes to the Public Health and Health Affairs council. This comes after Cuomo raised the smoking age to 21 earlier in the year. Young adults use e cigarettes more than any other demographic, but some people in that age group are aware of the dangers.

SOT: “As unhealthy as it is already, but now that there’s an epidemic of people collapsing their lungs and dying, I think they should quit vaping.”

Tobacco and menthol flavored e cigarettes would be exempt from this ban.

Even after that tough loss to Clemson this weekend, the season goes on for Syracuse football. Dino Babers knows he needs to keep everyone involved on the journey that is the 2019 season, and that means bringing everybody along for the ride.

SOT: “Young sons, young daughters in the family, they don’t get a vote. You know, they just get in the backseat, we load up the car and we go. So they’re part of the family, they’ll be in the car, they’ll be ready to go.”

Up next for SU is Western Michigan this Saturday at noon.

Finally in streaming news, Netflix has announced “Seinfeld” will be coming to the platform in 2021. That’s the same year that “The Office” and “Friends” will be leaving Netflix as well. You can find full stories on our website and follow us on twitter at NCC News. Until next Wednesday, this is your NCC News Brief.

Governor Andrew Cuomo leads the headlines on this Monday, September 16th. After raising the smoking age to 21 earlier this year, he is now proposing a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, citing health risks and the impressionability of younger users. Tobacco and menthol-flavored e cigarettes would be exempt from this ban.
Syracuse football came up well short in a 41-6 loss to top-ranked Clemson this weekend, but Dino Babers is keeping his eyes trained on the future. Despite the tough showing in week 3 he wants to make sure everybody is on the same page heading into week 4’s matchup with Western Michigan. Syracuse is 1-2 for the first time since 2016.
In pop culture news, Netflix announced Seinfeld will be coming onto the platform in 2021. As of now, Hulu holds the domestic streaming rights to the show, and Amazon holds those rights abroad. This acquisition may offset the losses of The Office and Friends in that same year.

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