Bike Giveaway Needs Donations The Central New York Bicycle Giveaway Foundation Is Accepting Donations

SYRACUSE,  N.Y.  (NCC News) — Right now, the Central New York Bicycle Giveaway Foundation in Syracuse is looking for bikes to give to families in need. The Foundation is having a harder time getting bikes this year, but it’s not just bikes that the Central New York Bicycle Foundation is having a difficult time finding.

The Foundation is in need of affordable  bicycle parts. The founder of CNY Bicycle Giveaway Foundation Jan Maloff said buying and repairing bikes has gotten more expensive.

“Its been very tough for us and contributions are not easy to come by,” Maloff said.

Although bicycle parts are pricier this year, Maloff said he is grateful for the support of those in the community.  He receives many bikes from donations.

Maloff said if you are looking to purchase bikes, Walmart has plenty but they leave the shelves quick! He said the holiday season is a busy time of year for the Foundation.

Maloff said this holiday season the Foundation will donate about 2,500 bicycles. He said the giveaway takes place around the same time every year.

“Sometimes it hurts my soul when I see some kid coming, and it’s winter time and he barely has a t-shirt on,” Maloff said. “But he wants that bicycle, and he will drive it away in the snow.”

Maloff said the date for the bike giveaway is still being determined. He said it usually happens on a Saturday in December.

The giveaway will take place at the Dewitt Memorial Funeral Home parking lot.

To donate or drop off a bike, you can call Jan Maloff at (315) 530-7751. You can also visit or click here for more information and event updates.

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