Black Girls Don’t Get Love Hosts A Slumber Party Black Girls Don't Get Love Hosts A Slumber Party

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Black girls throughout Syracuse gathered at Salt City Market to enjoy a slumber party, on Valentine’s Day.  Here they would be pampered and treated to a night of luxury, but the slumber party isn’t the only space dedicated to pampering black girls. The brand Black Girls Don’t Get Love was created, as a space, to honor black girls. This all began due to the Black Girls Don’t Get Love book, released just a year ago.  Founder Eden Strachan wrote the book because she found it to be a more accessible way to get her story out into the world. She wanted other black girls to be heard.

“I wanted to make a story that potentially resonated with other girls of color whom might have also felt out of place because of just the way they are,” Strachan said. ” And so, putting this story out into the world it’s been really well received.”

A slumber party isn’t the only event the organization has hosted. They had a prom too. Strachan said they are intentional with the type of events they choose to create.

“By doing these events such as the prom such as the slumber party we are making sure that they can associate these essential coming of age moments with something a positive where they deliberately feel acknowledged and celebrated,” Strachan said.

Strachan noted that there has been an outpouring of love from the community since these events began. She said the feedback has been affirming.

“It is the best thing to be able to wake up every day and to meet community members who wanna get behind us to support the work that we’re doing,” Strachan said.”  It is wonderful to experience with the families who want to you know bring their kids to support this, to the vendors who also wanna participate.”

Strachan said they are in the process of raising money for a film to be made. The goal is $1.5 million, yet they have only raised $30,000 for their goal. Strachan wants the film to become the next great coming of age story for young black girls.



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