Boys and Girls Club Central Village Gets a New Name Boys and Girls Club Central Valley Gets a New Name

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Almost five months after being fatally shot, 11-year-old Brexialee Torres Ortiz was honored with the unveiling of the Boys and Girls Club being named after her.

Emotions were high when the unveiling of the name was seen by Torres Ortiz’s parents, friends, and loved ones.

“She, in her death as tragic as it was, was an inspiration to all of us and so we wanted to always remind everyone in this community that we can do better” said Bill Simmons, executive director of Syracuse Housing Authority.

Many kind words were spoken about Torres Ortiz by city officials, law enforcement, coaches and many more. The word that repeated throughout everyone’s memories and speeches was that Brexialee was a “fighter” and “strong” through her entire life. Those who knew her said Torres Ortiz was always willing to do the right thing even when people were not looking.

“I know that even in this building our custodial staff would come in and clean up and they would find out that all the tables were already wiped down and he would say ‘who wiped these tables down?’ and they would find Brexialee was smiling with her rag so that was the kind of child she was,” said Simmons, when reflecting on the kind things she did.

William Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County district attorney, promised her family that they would get justice and that’s exactly what he said happened with this case, right before embracing both of her parents, Jose Torres and Brenlee Ortiz.

There will be a memorial hung up inside of the new Central Village Brexialee Boys and Girls Club right behind the front doors so anybody who walks into the building can read why the name is what it is.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan Mcmahon also declared June 5 Brexialee A. Torres Ortiz Remembrance Day in Onondaga County.

The family has set up a Brexialee “Brexi” Torres Ortiz Syracuse Housing Authority Resident Scholarship. Scholarship applications opens June 5 and closes July 5.

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