Central New Yorkers Find Sense of Community in Softball League Central New Yorkers Find Sense of Community Through Softball League

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (NCC News) – Hopkins Park in Liverpool is alive with softball season, where teams gather for friendly competition organized by Salt City Sports. 

Nick Geruso, a player for the team called “Mugshotz,” hailing from Cicero, values the league’s camaraderie. He has been playing for over 15 years and says what the team has provided for him off the field is irreplaceable. 

“They’re family… I met most of these people through softball,” said Geruso. “We do everything together.”

Salt City Sports offers a variety of leagues, including seniors, adults, children, women only, men only, and, in this case, co-ed. The organization’s main goal is to provide a recreational sport to men and women in the community. Many of whom played softball or baseball in high school and college, and for others to be able to get together and do something fun with friends.

This is something two players from the Camillus Wildcats took advantage of.

 “I think we’ve all just known each other since high school, so it’s just a good way to reconnect and do something fun,” said Emma Gareey from the Wildcats.

Others said that the league also provided them a great way to stay active while still feeling connected with their friends. 

David Vanelli, a Wildcats co-captain, finds joy in the game’s simplicity.

 “Hitting balls… hitting home runs, that’s probably the most fun,” said Vanelli. 

Despite the main fanbase being friends and family, the players say that’s the least of their concern, and their passion for softball and being around their friends is incomparable.

At Hopkins Park, softball isn’t just about competition; it’s about connections and shared experiences.

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