CNY Air Quality Impacting Golf Courses CNY Air Quality Impacting Golf Courses

Unhealthy air quality in CNY is impacting outdoor sports, especially golf

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Canadian wildfires are pushing dangerous smoke and air south to the East Coast and Central New York golfers are among those feeling the impact. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has reported unhealthy levels of air in Onondaga County and are urging people to stay inside. 

With the air quality index sitting between 150-190 on Tuesday, many residents around CNY were staying inside. Pro shop employee at Tecumseh Golf Club in Syracuse, Sydney Linkiewicz, said that this weather has caused a lull in golfers visiting their course.

Haze surrounding Tecumseh Golf Club
Haze from the Canadian Wildfires looms over the Tecumseh Golf Club
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“It’s been very slow today. Probably the slowest day I have worked. There’s only been like three golfers. Maybe. So there really hasn’t been, like anyone coming in,” Linkiewicz said.

Between the health hazard long exposure to the air can cause and the low visibility on the course, Linkiewicz said that many golfers are calling their shop to see if they are even open.

“We are open, but if it gets worse or stays this slow, we might close early,” Linkiewicz said.

Although the air quality has kept many golfers off the course, local resident and golfer, Jim, said that he golfed yesterday and that this weather has not impacted him too much.

“I played golf yesterday and it didn’t phase me, but it’s odd. It’s odd. I don’t think it hasn’t changed any of my behaviors, but it could if it got worse,” said Jim.

With the air quality looking to improve later on this weekend, golfers may be able to get a round in over the weekend, but authorities are urging residents to stay updated on the current conditions and taking their health history into consideration.

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