CNY Beer Week Features Six Events Today CNY Beer Week Features

Willow Rock hosts Casks and Bluegrass, one event leading to Saturday's Festival.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Central New York Beer Week is in full swing. This week-long celebration is organized by the New York State Brewers Association with the goal of bringing craft breweries from all over the state together. It

has been going on for nine years, but Willow Rock Brewing Company owner Rockney Roberts said it underwent a new change for this years celebration.

“Beer week has been a great celebration of craft beer in Syracuse for quite a few years now, this year it is very local brewery centric which is great,” Roberts said.


Distributors were no longer able to organize the week this year which means brewers are more hands-on. As a result events like casks and blue grass are featured which brings a unique beer drinking experience.


“You can sit down with cask and sort of watch as the night goes on the oxidating process, some new flavors will come out of the beer, it tends to be a little warmer, a little less carbonated than usual,” Roberts said.


There are six events going on in the area, one of which is at Willow Rock Brewing Company, to celebrate beer week and the events continue on the rest of the week. But it all leads up to Saturday at the landmark theatre for the Craft Brewers Festival where over 55 brewers from the state will be represented.

This unique experience allows beer drinkers to taste beer from all over the state, but Buried Acorn owner Timothy Shore said it does more by bringing the minds behind the magic to you.


“Every single brewery has somebody like a brewery, owner or even a brand rep to you know, tell you about the beer, tell you how it is made,” Shore said. “So that is one of the unique things about this specific festival as opposed to some of the festivals that are put together.”


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