CNY Centro Bus Company Receives $74 Million from Infrastructure Bill Centro gets $74 Million from Infrastructure Bill

Centro will spend an extra $4 million in five years to upgrade and repair.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Recently Congress passed $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill and Centro Bus Company is receiving $74 million of that money. Centro is going to spend the money over a five year span and has plans to do upgrades and replacement buses and bus stop shelters.

Centro plans to replace buses, shelters, and provide new shelters at newly popular bus stops, according to Steven Koegal Vice President of Communication and Business Planning.

He said Centro usually received $10 to $11 million through federal funding each year.

“For the next five years we’re going to get an additional 4 million dollars a year,” Koegal said.

LarScenia Ruth is an avid Centro Bus rider and has been riding for 14 years. Ruth said she doesn’t drive anymore and she heavily relies on Centro to not have limitations to where she can go. She said the Centro Bus station has a special place in her heart. A Centro bus helped her get to her late twin brothers funeral when she had no other way to get there.

Ruth said she looks forward to the changes the money from the Infrastructure Bill will bring.

“I think it will add to improving what they already had,” she said.

Syracuse bus routes.
These are the bus routes for Syracuse.
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Koegal said the Centro buses are cycled out after 12 years. So with the extra money they will be replacing those buses that have been on the road for that long.

“We’re going to be replacing about 80 of our buses,” he said.

He said it is important for riders to have a reliable way around town. Koegal said Centro prioritizes passengers having heat when it’s cold, air when it’s hot, and good working conditions on the buses, like good brakes.

Ruth said with Syracuse weather, having a shelter is necessary.

“You’re standing for hours,” she said.

Koegal said Centro will be replacing shelters that have been at stops for a long time and will be placing new ones in newly popular bus stops. He said having shelters is another way to provide riders with a comfortable trip.

“So if you’re standing out there in the elements, it can be uncomfortable if there’s not shelter,” he said.

He said the extra money is opening doors for Centro to make big changes to the things riders need most.

“We have one purpose – that’s to get people to where they need to go in a timely and safe fashion,” Koegal said.

If you would like information about Centro’s bus routes, bus schedule changes, and other Centro news, be sure to go to their website by clicking the link below.

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