CNY Diaper Bank Helps Families In Need CNY Diaper Bank Helps Famalies In Need

Christmas presents aren't families first priority this holiday season in CNY

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The CNY Diaper Bank provides free diapers to families in need. A baby needs between six and ten diapers per day, which can cost up to $100 a month.

Michela Hugo started the diaper bank because she found out that diapers are not covered by government assistance, and in Syracuse and there are many families living at or around the poverty line.

“There are a lot of families that Christmas doesn’t even have the same meaning because they can’t afford to buy extra things at the holidays,” Hugo said.

The diaper bank allows families to not have to make that choice as often because of the free diapers.

“And almost half of our families report they are buying other things with the money they would’ve had to spend on diapers,” Hugo said.

These other items include food and gas.

Kelly Ranous is a volunteer at the diaper bank, and a mom of three children.

She says she would feel terrible if she couldn’t provide her children with a basic need of diapers.

“I don’t think a lot of people really realize just the financial burden that diapers are till they have kids because you don’t really realize how many they need,” Ranous said.


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