Community Reacts to the Grace Street Arrest Reactions to the Grace Street Arrest

Controversial Video Leads to Reactions

By Casey Buscher SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Following the press conference regarding the Grace Street address, people reacted around Central New York.

The President of the Common Council, Helen Hudson, was disturbed after the controversial video was released in early June. Following the presser today, she is still uneasy about how the situation is being solved. As this is an ongoing issue in society today, Hudson believes there needs to be change.

One resident in Syracuse, Elijah Saucier, was disappointed with the outcome of the press conference and doesn’t believe the two men in the car are getting treated fairly.

Chief Kenton Buckner and Mayor Ben Walsh will host the first of many public forums in Syracuse on June 28th.

“I urge all members of our community to participate in this dialogue,” said Mayor Walsh. “The forum will be the first of many conversations and I am confident they will lead to greater understanding. To all in our community, I pledge this: we can do better. And if we all work together, we will.”

Location and time will be announced shortly.

(Casey Buscher)
Yeah guys, when the video was released two weeks ago Helen Hudson was very disturbed by what she saw… and explained the action taken by the officer taken by the officer was an excessive force to get Mr.Moore out of the car

and following the press conference today she once again was not impressed by what she saw and hopes in the future there can be change as this has been an ongoing issue.

I think that getting out there and talking to the community is huge. My thing is truthfulness. If we all tell the truth we won’t be in this kind of position. This has been going on for decades so it’s not like this just happened and we are mad… no, I think this happened and people are so angry because this has been a continuous thing. I think now we have people listening and I’m going to afford them that opportunity.

It was clear earlier today that there was a negative reaction to the presser especially by one Central New Yorker.

(Elijah Saucier)
I think that the general public is in disagreement with the policies in place. I firmly believe that there should be no reason that someone should have to get out of their car for any reason unless there is reasonable cause for it. Officer safety is a primary concern but also we have to understand lets look at all the backlash our brothers of color get.

Coming up at 4:45 I’ll tell you about public forums coming to the area from the Mayor and Chief.

Reporting from the City Hall, I’m Casey Buscher back to you in studio.

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