Consul General of India for New York Visits Syracuse Consul General of India for New York Visits Syracuse

By Michael Adzima SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- When most Americans think of the nation’s most important international relationships, many people right away think of Russia, China, or nations in the Middle East. However, one of the United States’ most crucial, and right now most positive, international partnerships is with India.

On Tuesday, the Syracuse University South Asia Center welcomed Consul General of India for New York Sandeep Chakravorty to speak about the history and current state of America’s relationship with India. The relationship between the two nations has had its ups and downs, but Chakravorty’s main focus was on the current good standing of the two countries.

When it comes down to why the U.S. and India are on such good terms in the 21st century, Chakravorty says, “There have been three factors I would say. One is the structural factor which is the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. The second is domestic reasons in India which is India opened up its economy to market reforms. And the third is leadership both here in the United States by the presidents of the United States and the prime ministers of India.”

In his speech at Maxwell Hall on Tuesday, Chakravorty went into detail on how events like the Cold War and the lack of American support during the Bangladesh War in 1971 began to draw the countries apart. As the turn of the millennium approached, American presidents, beginning with Bill Clinton, began to become more involved in foreign relations with India.

“We had a relationship, but it was not deep,” said the Consul General about the history of the United States’ relations with India. “There were many occasions where we felt the U.S. was not standing by us.”

As the United States has identified India as a “global strategic partner,” the Consul and his staff are looking forward to a bright future in the relationship between the two countries.

“The sky is the limit,” said D.P. Misra, Consul Trade for the Consulate General of India (New York). “Indian companies have started expanding their footprint and have started investing in the U.S…. so the economic angle is really looking up.”

As for the Consul General himself, he feels that the positive reception and growth of Indian culture in America has helped, and will help keep building good rapport between two of the world’s largest democracies going forward.

“There is a large Indian diaspora here, people of Indian origin who are doing very well,” said Chakravorty. “India has real positive vibrations in the United States.”

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