Cuse Pit Crew Defies Pit Bull Stereotypes Cuse Pit Crew Defies Pit Bull Stereotypes

People who don’t know much about pit bulls often describe them as aggressive, dangerous, and mean; but one non-profit organization in Syracuse, New York is looking to defy those stereotypes.

Cuse Pit Crew aims to break the cycle of abuse and neglect of pit bull dogs. Suzie Pietsch, a volunteer at Cuse Pit Crew, said the organization plays a crucial part in the Syracuse community.

“If you look at any of the shelters in this area and really across the country, the majority of animals in there are pit bulls because people are afraid to rescue them,” she said.

Cuse Pit Crew interacts with the community through educational programming and preventive services. Tatiana Marocco, the volunteer coordinator for Cuse Pit Crew, said one of their most popular services is animal education in schools.

“We go into local schools, bring a dog and we have a human education teacher that helps kids learn how to interact appropriately with the dogs. So, really just teaching our community to be kind to animals and humans,” she said.

Marocco hopes that by exposing young children and their families to pit bulls, they will better understand the breed and its loving characteristics.

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