Deadly Mosquito Borne Virus Detected Earlier Than Usual Deadly Mosquito Borne Virus Detected Early In Oswego County

Aerial Spraying of Oswego County Requested by Health Department

An early detection of a deadly mosquito borne virus pushes Oswego County’s Health Department to plan for an aerial spray.
N-C-C reporter, Racquel Stephen, has more on what is delaying the process.

Oswego County’s swamp lands are a popular breeding ground for the Eastern enquine encaphalitis virus.
The Triple E virus is a rare yet very deadly disease carried by mosquitoes, and usually diagnosed by brain swelling.
Oswego County’s Public Health Director, Jiancheng Huang, says executing the aerial spray is a process.

This procedure…or I call it, paperwork, we are working on it, and it takes time.

Many departments and personnel must work together to finalize preparations.
Jiancheng also says weather is an important factor.

He (the pilot) look at wind, look at rain, look at temperature, and then make a decision when to spray.

Jiancheng hopes that all paperwork will be approved, and the spraying can begin at the end of the week.
Racquel Stephen…, N-C-C News.

By Racquel Stephen OSWEGO, NY (NCC News),  Central New York has been a popular breeding ground for the Eastern Enquine Encaphalitis Virus since the 1970s.

The Triple E virus is a deadly mosquito borne disease that may cause brain swelling in their victims.

The Oswego County swamp lands is always an area for concern, and in 2019 the early detection of the virus is pushing the Oswego Health Department to demand an aerial pesticide spraying of the area.

Oswego’s Director of Public Health, Jiancheng Huang, says many factors must be considered when planning this sort of spraying , and the process takes time.

“This spray is not ‘Oh do air spray we found a mosquito’…  we need to get state health department’s approval, we need to get Department of Conservation’s approval,” Huang said. “Also, this is a congested area, and we need approval for an airplane to fly in this area…This procedure, or I call it, paperwork, we are working on it, and it takes time.”

Huang hopes the aerial spraying will begin towards the end of the week, and the focus right now is only Oswego County.

For more information on the Triple E virus click here.



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