DEC Announces Opening of Algal Bloom Reporting DEC Announces Opening Of HABS Reporting

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Department of Environmental Conservation opened it’s online reporting system for harmful algal blooms. These blooms have been a topic of conversation for the Skaneateles area since 2017, when a lake wide bloom was cause for major concern.

Skaneateles Lake is a huge draw for water sports and activity during the summer, but this isn’t the only thing these blooms impact. The lake serves as Syracuse’s main water source.

According to executive director of the Skaneateles Lake Association Frank Moses these blooms can have a toxin that’s harmful if ingested.

“Microcystin that can be found in the algal blooms is of concern as a liver toxin,” Moses said.

When these blooms are found on the lake, both Moses and AJ Smith with the DEC said it’s for the best that they get reported and have even made it easy to report from your phone.

“It dictates the next response so for a water body like a water supply – something like Skaneateles Lake out in the Syracuse area that info is given to the dept. of health and makes sure the water supply is fine,” Smith said.

The lake supplies water for over 200,000 people and the light winds and rain storms in the forecast are the perfect situation for these blooms to form, but the chiller temperatures also help keep them away. But, if residents do see one, it is important that they report the bloom so everyone can stay safe.


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