Developments Downtown Benefiting From New Hotel Developments in Downtown Syracuse Continues With New Hotel

Many developments in Downtown Syracuse will help business and restaurants.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) –  A Hyatt House  Hotel is expected to open next year. This hotel may benefit all businesses downtown by bringing more visitors. This is just one of the different projects coming downtown.

Right across the street from where the Hyatt would be a new market is set to open in the fall of 2020. The Salt City Market is expected to have a dozen food vendors.

Matt Bartelson, managing Partner of The Hops Spot which is located in Armory Square is excited about the plans for the upcoming developments.

“Anytime you bring in people to anywhere it’s going to generate foot traffic for a business and it’s always a good thing,” Bartelson said.

Bartelson said big events that happen on Syracuse University’s campus or conventions at the OnCenter bring in a large number of people from out of state.

Danny Liedka, president of Visit Syracuse said the city has a responsibility to provide different services for residents of the area.

“Looking forward our job is to bring more of that type of business into Syracuse I think especially with the film industry here now the market is going to grow over the next 10 years,” Liedka said .

With new companies coming downtown  like JMA Wireless and Bankers Healthcare Group, Liedka said this is will create jobs and open more opportunity for other business to come to Syracuse.

“From an economic development standpoint there a lot of new industry moving into Syracuse especially from the technology sector so I think I they see that and they are under the impression that there will be an uptake in business travelers,” Liedka said.







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