Dinosaur Adventure Comes to Syracuse Oncenter Dinosaur Adventure Comes to Syracuse Oncenter

Kids get to see their favorite dinosaurs up close and personal

Alexa Gonzalez: Dinosaur Adventure travels across the country to showcase its animatronic dinosaurs.The indoor event took place this weekend at the Oncenter convention area. Families were coming in and out taking pictures with the creatures and learning some facts along the way. Dinosaur trainer Christopher Plakut says there is a magic and mystery to dinosaurs that keeps the kids curious.

Christopher Plakut: They come out here and it’s one thing to know about your favorite dinosaur and maybe see it. But to actually see it and get a pic and pet it brings it to life for them and to actually see it life size that’s even more awesome.

Gonzalez: From “T-Rex” to “Stegosaurus” to “Spinosaurus,” the kids I spoke to were eager to see their favorite dinosaurs in person. Wanting to learn more along the way, 8 year-old Gavin says he has always loved these creatures.

Gavin: I always thought it was so cool how even as animals they still mastered survival in the wilderness out alone or in groups or in herds.

Gonzalez: The kids will cost thirty five dollars to enjoy the exhibit. Adult tickets are twenty five but children under two are free. Plakut says the kids aren’t the only ones enjoying the exhibit.

Plakut: I’ve seen everybody from a grandmasaurus to a unclesaurus to a nephewsaurus to a kidsaurus a family of 25 came in all ages and everybody loves dinosaurs.”)

Gonzalez: Today is not the last day to come down and see the dinosaurs at the Oncenter, the Dinosaur Adventure will be open tomorrow December fourth from nine am to seven pm.
Reporting from Syracuse
Alexa Gonzalez NCC News

Syracuse N.Y. (NCC News) – These prehistoric creatures just landed right back in Syracuse, New York. The Dinosaur Adventure group brought an exhibit full of animatronic dinosaurs and activities to the kids for the weekend.

The adventure is not staying long though. Only open for two days, the exhibit will be open today from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  until tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Children will get to see some of their favorite dinosaurs come to reality, it creates an educational and entertaining environment, says dinosaur trainer Christopher Plakut.

“Dinosaurs are magical but mysterious to most people, and this is what I think draws people’s curiosity,” says Plakut.

Families were around taking photos, reading dinosaur excerpts or just walking around. A few children mentioned to me their favorite dinosaurs. The most common answer: a T-Rex.

T-Rex exhibit at the Dinosaur Adventure show
The T-Rex exhibit at Dinosaur Adventure. Kids were going up to touch its teeth and read more on the species.
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“I like them because they are cool and big but I still want to learn more about them,” said a young girl petting the T-Rex with her parents.

But this exhibit is not just for the kids. People anywhere from the age of 2 to 90 come in to see what the dinosaurs offer, says Plakut.

“I’ve seen everybody from a grandmasaurus to a unclesaurus to a nephewsaurus to a kidsaurus,” says Plakut.

Adults tickets are $25 plus tax and that starts at the age of 13. Child tickets are $35 for those ages 2 to 12. But children under 2 are free to enter.


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