Dome Construction Affects Syracuse Athletics Dome Construction Affects Syracuse Athletics

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The next time you step into the dome, it will feel like a completely different atmosphere. The Syracuse Athletics department announced back in 2018 plans to renovate the dome, including a new roof, new sound and lighting systems, and a new scoreboard. These initial additions are scheduled to be completed by the 2020 Syracuse football season. Other changes include air conditioning and improvements to the concession stands and bathrooms by 2022.

While the renovation remains on schedule, multiple Syracuse Athletics teams have been forced to alter their schedule to ensure all sporting events will be out of the dome by March 1.

Men’s and women’s lacrosse, specifically, have played the first half of their games at home, but will finish out the season with a long stretch of away games.

“Traveling does kind of put a toll on your body you know as athletes sitting down traveling, plane or bus, but we’re making the absolute best of it,” said redshirt senior Mary Rahal. But instead of focusing on the negatives, the women’s lacrosse team is excited for the remainder of their season.

This weekend will be the last weekend to catch Syracuse athletics in the dome prior to the completion of the renovations . You can find the full Syracuse athletics game schedule here.

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