Effects Indonesian Tsunami Might Have On Sugar And Wheat Prices The Effects Indonesian Tsunami's Might Have On Sugar And Wheat Prices

Reporter: Its business as usual for the supermarket Tops in Syracuse.

The recent Tsunami’s that have striked Indonesia still don’t seem to have any effect on their sugar and wheat exports.

Customers in Tops continue to enjoy weekly deals on bread and sugar.

Ricardo Lyons, a nursing student at Utica and baking aficionado, was thrilled to find that Tops actually had a deal for sugar that he could not pass up.

Lyons: “So basically i am here today to buy this 4 pound bag of sugar for 1.88 with the coupon, everywhere else its like 4 dollars so why do that. Sugar does not go bad and I like to bake too.

Reporter: Larry Hoyt, a regular at Tops says the possibility of prices for bread and sugar rising might actually help him stay in shape.

Hoyt: “To be quite honest with you, I told myself I would cut down on carbs so I cut down on wheat and even though theres sugar in the lemonade I buy, I think its high fructose sugar which I think comes from corn. But I certainly empathize with the focus that just suffered from a Tsunami. I hope they can put everything back together soon.

Reporter: Reporting from Syracuse, New York, Darianny Abreu for NCC News.

The prices of sugar and wheat have not yet been affected by the Tsunamis that have struck Indonesia.

Indonesia has been hit with multiple Tsunamis, the most recent one hitting late last week. The country has been without the most basic resources like water and food for days according to CNN online.

Indonesia is known for exporting products like sugar and wheat to the United States. With the state they are in today, production is likely to slow.

The Tops Supermarket in Syracuse, New York still has not felt the effects of the recent disaster Indonesia is experiencing.

The supermarket manager says he doesn’t believe the supermarket will be feeling the repercussions of this disaster for a while.

The prices for sugar and bread in the store are low, with deals that will extend throughout the week. Shoppers like Ricardo Lyons are very excited to enjoy the deals and stock up on sugar as a preventative action for what may happen later on with prices.

“Sugar never goes bad. I could use this 4 years from now and I like to bake a lot.” Lyons, a Tops shopper and baking fanatic, said on why he will be stocking up on sugar.

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