Election Day is Tomorrow: Find Out About Early Voting Turnout and the Candidates Election Day is Tomorrow: Find Out About Voter Turnout & the Candidates

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– New York state did early voting for the first time this year but Board of Elections Commissioner, Dustin Czarny, said the official results don’t come out until 20 days after the election.

They do have unofficial numbers though:

  • 2,000 voters that don’t normally participate in local elections voted early
  • 1.9% of the voter population in New York state voted early
  • 2.9% of the voter population in Onondaga County voted early
  • Nearly 8,500 early votes were processed in Onondaga County
  • 3,000 absentee ballots were cast in Onondaga County
  • Over 292,000 people are registered to vote in Onondaga County
  • The last county executive election in 2015 had a 25% turnout

Commissioner Czarny says they can expect a higher turnout due to more people registering to vote and early voting helping to drive turnout.

“Your vote is more important in local elections than in any other election because these are the people that will determine what your daily life is like,” he said.

Tomorrow’s candidates are as follows:

  • County Executive
    • Ryan McMahon
      • Incumbent
      • Republican
      • Focuses on poverty, infrastructure and economic development
    • Tony Malavenda
      • Democrat
      • Focusing on modernizing the county
  • District Attorney
    • William Fitzpatrick
      • Republican
      • Held office for 27 years
      • Known for creating Diversion Court
    • Gary Lavine
      • Republican
      • Works at Syracuse law firm
      • Endorsed by Conservative Party
    • Chuck Keller
      • Democrat
      • Focusing on criminals who need more than punishment to get back on their feet
  • County Comptroller
    • Matt Beadnell
      • Current Comptroller
      • Replaced Bob Antonacci in January after he was elected to State Senate
    • Marty Masterpole
      • Hit term limit as Syracuse’s elected auditor

When you get to the polls tomorrow, you can also vote for the legislators in your district within Onondaga County.

Czarny says the new electronic poll pads will make voting more efficient and lines shorter.

You can find your designated polling location and other voting information at ongov.net.

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