ERIE 21 Helps Develop Students of All Ages for Careers in Tech ERIE 21 helps develop students to be ready for the real world

Le Moyne and Syracuse City School District Ready Students for Real World

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — A new program is emerging at a local college here in Syracuse. The goal of the program is to give local students a pathway to a career once they are done with school.

photo of Le Moyne College map with campus in background
A new program emerges at Le Moyne College.
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At Le Moyne College students have the chance to apply for a program that will ready them for a career in technology.

“We have a new computer lab on campus and we have slots for 136 Le Moyne students who are PEL eligible,” said Le Moyne College Vice President of Communications and Advancement Bill Brower.

The program is called ERIE 21. ERIE is an acronym that stands for Educating for our Rising Innovation Economy.

Brower said they are training their students to be ready for the real world.

“We started to creating programing in each of those locks that would provide the kind of education and training that people will need to qualify for tech jobs,” said Brower.

The program is not just for college students and adults, there are opportunities here for students of all ages.

The Le Moyne College campus is used to college students but come summer time will be full of middle and high schoolers learning technical skills to prepare them for the real world; something local tech companies are excited about.iV4 company sign outside of building

“The earlier that they’re starting to get those skills, the better, they have a lot of background,” said iV4 Vice President of Operations Jeanne Morelli.

Morelli, who works at a tech company named iV4 said starting students off in technical training at such a young age is invaluable.

“I just think that, that sets them up for success later on,” said Morelli.

Soon classrooms at Le Moyne will be full of students learning technical skills.

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