Fan Excitement Builds Ahead of Syracuse Mets Opening Day Fan Excitment Builds Ahead of Syracuse Mets Opening Day

Tom Russo: We begin our coverage at NBT Bank Stadium where our own Cameron Macaulay is live at media day for the Syracuse Mets, who begin their 2019 campaign on Thursday. Cam?

Cameron Macaulay: Thanks Tom, i’ve got the best seat in the house right now, right behind home plate here at NBT Bank Stadium. There’s no baseball right now though, but in a little under an hour the team will take the field for a workout, and then at 4 o’clock, Manager Tony DeFrancesco and Outfielder Tim Tebow will speak to the media. Team spokesman Michael Tricarico says that when it comes to fan excitement ahead of the new season, the numbers speak for themselves.

Michael Tricarico: we’ve already sold more season tickets at this point than we had last year, and this is the most season tickets that we’ve sold before the season than we have in the last many many years.

Cameron Macaulay: Tricarico said the team’s open house about a month ago was the second-best day in team store history, and that if the weather is good on Thursday, the team expects a sellout on Opening day. Reporting live from NBT Bank Stadium, Cameron Macaulay, NCC News

The Syracuse Mets held their media day on Tuesday afternoon, and ahead of the new season, the team has sold as many season tickets as they did the entirety of last season.

Team Spokesman Michael Tricarico said the new team is drawing positive engagement from new fans.

Michael Tricarico
Michael Tricarico
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“We’ve had an amazing buzz, there has been a lot of excitement,” Tricarico said.  “I’ve met a whole lot of Mets fans over the last couple of days, the past few months. I think the general consensus is that it’s exciting to have a New York team here in Syracuse.”

Merchandise sales are through the roof as well; the team’s open house event on March 3 was the second-best single day in the history of the team store. Tricarico believes the new relationship will be beneficial for both sides.

“For the New York Mets, now they have 3 minor league affiliates in New York state, with Brooklyn, with Binghamton, and now with Syracuse,” Tricarico said. “So I think it’s great, not only for the New York Mets and their players, but it’s great for New York Mets fans here in the state of New York.”

Weather permitting, Tricarico believes that the team has a good chance to sell out Opening Day on Thursday.


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