Fathers Spend Their Day Giving Back to Daughters at Ballpark Fathers Spend Their Day Giving Back to Their Daughters at the Ballpark

Daughters Thank their Fathers for Softball and Life Lessons They Teach

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Hopkins Road Softball Park in Liverpool was filled with teams on all three fields on a special Sunday afternoon. You could hear the crack of the bat and sliding on the dirt. However, there was certain celebration that was being spread across the diamond that had nothing to do with the actual game of softball.

The words “Happy Father’s Day” were being spread by everyone with love and appreciation.

Girls at the diamond, ranging from playing sports at the youth level to the top stages of collegiate softball, tipped their caps to their father figures who helped them get to where they are today.

While teams filed in one after another it was a sight to see all of the fathers unpack their trunks full of softball gear, coolers, lawn chairs and for some even tents. Even on their one day of the year, many fathers carried 90% of the load themselves.

“To watch my daughter, do what she loves is the best gift I could ask for today,” said father and softball coach Bill Raye.

Raye said the impact that most fathers have on their daughters is often so much larger than what they can actually see. The lessons of “don’t be afraid to get hit by the ball really means, don’t be afraid of anything in life. Stand tall in the box with confidence and if you get hit, you can shake it off and run to forward,” Raye said.

Whether it is from coaching, cheering, giving rides or simply saying “I am proud of you,” softball would not be the game it is today without the men who are willing to spend not only Father’s Day but every day at the ballpark.


Sydney Supple: From the smell of the fresh cut grass, to the newly chalked lines and the father’s bringing in all the equipment,

Ryan Kennedy: “It’s what she loves to do, there go it is what you love to do. To see a smile on her face puts a smile on my face. That’s what being a parent is all about.”

Supple: Whether it is coaching your child or spending all of your summer weekends in the stands getting to watch another seven innings. The lessons range from what happens between the lines.

Maverick Diandria: “He tells me about swinging, how to keep my hands up and behind my ears,”

Supple: While those are important lessons, the more valuable ones are the lessons you can carry with you outside the game.

Gionna Diandria: “Don’t be afraid of getting hit by the ball and striking out isn’t that bad. It happens to everybody.”

Supple: But perhaps, the biggest one of them all is there is no softball without Dad’s who happily spend their fathers day and every other day, at the ballpark.

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