First Snow Fall in Over 200 Days First Snow Fall in Over 200 Days

First snow for Central New York and more is on the way.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  Snow has made its way into Central New York. The nation’s snowiest city saw its first snow fall last night. Many were taken back as they were not prepared for it to snow after the warm temperatures we have been having.

“I was pretty taken back by the snow yesterday,” said Collin Bell, a Syracuse University masters student.

This is the first snow fall in 208 days, the last one back in April with around 2 inches of snow on the ground. Given how warm November has been so far people are bracing for the cold.

“I enjoy a little bit of snow, but I am not sure if I am ready for a Syracuse amount of snow,” said Bell.

Syracuse is expected to get two to three inches of snow Tuesday night so it is important to prepare for the winter season ahead.

“Looks like again, we’ll have a La Nina dominated winter, which we have had over the last few years,” said Jim Brewster at the National Weather Service.

La Niña is a weather pattern caused by an interaction between the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere above. For Central New Yorkers this means it may get a little warmer than it is now, but don’t expect temperatures to be in the 60’s.

“We’ll have colder outbreaks that come across, the warmer lake Ontario, which will tend to not cool off as much in a warmer climate so we’ll have a better chance for more lake effect snow,” said Brewster.

The National Weather Service says to expect snow to start piling up Tuesday night, prepare for slippery roads and make sure to stock your winter kits for the car.

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