Flavored Vape Ban Affecting CNY Vape Shops Flavored Vape Ban Effecting CNY Vape Shops

Fayetteville, N.Y. (NCC News) – Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an emergency executive ban of flavored e-cigerettes at the end of September.

The goal of the ban is to decrease use of e-cigarettes among teenagers.

The program coordinator for the tobacco program at the Onondaga County Health Department, Karyn Johnson, agrees with the ban.

“There is data that shows that a lot of youth are initiating the use of these e-cigarettes because of those flavors,” Johnson said.

That research indicates an increase risk for illness with certain flavors of e-cigarettes, such as mint and cinnamon,  Johnson said.

There has been seven cases of illness due to e-cigarettes in Central New York alone, according to Johnson.

Nick Schoek is the general manager for Salt City Vape in Fayetteville. The ban on flavored e-cigarettes will put the store out of business, Schoek said.

“Every other vape shop in the state is going to go under. Tons of people are going to be out of job,” Schoek said.

Ninety percent of Salt City Vape’s revenue comes from the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.

Salt City Vape and other  Vape shops will have until October 4th to remove flavored vapes from shelves.





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