Former Presidential Candidate, COVID Likely To Impact Voting At Polls Former Presidential Candidate, COVID-19 May impact the November election

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCCNEWS) –  Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam announced more than a year ago in March of 2019, he would be seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

“There needs to be new change and leadership in Washington,” said the former wide receiver star football player who wore the number 89 jersey for the 1993 national champions, Florida State Seminoles.

He is the son of parents who immigrated from Jamaica and instilled in him and his siblings that there was nothing they couldn’t achieve if they worked hard for it.

“I’m just wired that way, to do what people may say is impossible,” the 45-year-old Mayor said.

Mayor Messam didn’t make the cut for the presidential nomination but will be supporting former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. “We were on the campaign trail. Great guy, there’s no other possible perfect candidate in any candidate but he definitely has my support and I will be very active as much as possible in the upcoming general election,” Messam said.

He believes with Senator Bernie Sanders supporting Biden, it puts Democrats in the best position to beat Trump. “It shows that Democratic candidates are putting their support behind our nominee and it’s important that we do so and that we have a solid party moving forward and not a fractured party,” Messam said.

However, the only way he thinks Biden will beat Trump is by voter turnout and added COVID-19 may  impact  the election.

“Some people just like to go to the polls and vote, now they may think twice about that and be more open minded about voting by mail. However, I believe the American people, the electorate will find a way to vote,” Messam said.

Although it is not certain what COVID-19 guidelines may be in effect in November, it is acknowledged there may be some changes in the way people vote. Messam mentioned we should focus on the opportunities instead of fears and failures as we navigate through this pandemic.

“How do we help those in need of a blessing, that’s what makes us great as a country,” he said.

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